Our mission is to foster a community of equitable, accessible and holistic activism that unites people from all classes while developing a new online platform for skilled entrepreneurs to make an impact in their community.

The AC Pharos is the online publishing arm of the Rodney Sumler Research Foundation for Economic Empowerment and Environmental Protection. We are economic activist community: supporting small businesses, job creation, and giving a platform to activists, empowering them to do research driven activism. 

This community is focused on fostering equitable activism. Here activists will be able to connect with researchers to inform their action within the community. It is our goal to empower those who, without resources, traditionally would be left out of the movement.  Small businesses such as Mom-and-Pop outfits, local dives, artists, other skilled entrepreneurs such as carpenters and community services: there is no platform dedicated solely to uplifting the “classic entrepreneurial lifestyle” that enriches many small communities across the US.

We seek to have those impacted by these injustices inform the movement and discourage stigmatization of the poor.

The AC Pharos will be the platform dedicated to small business and connecting them to potential consumer activists seeking places to consciously invest.

How to Support the AC Pharos

Community Members: Sign up for our Newsletter 

Members are what makes the body of the community. They are, collectively, the lived experiences within the community: providing insight on growth, accomplishments, and challenges.

Supporting AC Pharos requires that AC Pharos supports you.

Follow our Newsletter for updates, many that include opportunities to take action: petitions, events, voting information and surveys to gain your insight. We also invite you to submit insights to our newsletter through blogging.

We accept blog articles about environmental justice, economic justice, small businesses, community resources, analysis of current news and actions that support these including research driven activism.

In return: 

  • Receive free writing feedback from our editor
  • Receive a donation receipt to write off the article as a donation to the Rodney Sumler Research Foundation ($75/500 words)
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For Community Leaders: Submit Articles to the AC Pharos 

What makes a leader is their ability to listen: Speaking to the concerns, hopes, and dreams of those who they are listening to. The difference between a community member and a community leader is how they serve their members. 

Here is how you can serve: 

The cost of the article can be written off as a donation ($75/500 words). If you wish, you can also receive free writing feedback from our head editor, who is also a writing coach. Learn more about the head editor here.

For Small Businesses: Advertise & Educate

Advertising with AC Pharos is an opportunity to reinvest back into your business. Advertising packages can be written off as a donation to the Rodney Sumler Research Foundation.

Find our advertising packages here. You can also fill out this form to learn more information. We will ask you about the nature of your business, its size, and what sector you're operating in. 

For more conscious businesses, we will also accept informative blog articles about your sector/ field of work. The nature of these blogs are not to advertise but to educate the community about your field of work. This builds lasting relationships with the community, which is far more valuable to your business than most cold advertisements. 

Focus on the intersection of your sector and the theme of our publishing outfit:
  • Economic Injustice
  • Environmental Injustice 
Remember: this is an opportunity for people to learn more about what your business does in the community, *not* to sell your product.