Our mission  is to foster a community of equitable, accessible and holistic economic activism that unites people from all classes while developing a new online platform for skilled entrepreneurs to connect with consumers.

The AC Pharos is an economic activist community: supporting small businesses, job creation, and giving a platform to activists, checking the influence of large multinational corporations in our government.

This community is focus on fostering equitable activism. Activists without resources will be able to invest, inform the movement, discourage stigmatization of the poor, and educate others about quality of life through monetized blogging.

There are many online communities that focus on tech start-ups, but small businesses are left behind. Mom-and-pop outfits, local dives, artists, other skilled entrepreneurs such as carpenters and community services: there is no platform dedicated solely to uplifting the “classic entrepreneurial lifestyle” that enriches many small communities across the US.

 The AC Pharos will be the platform dedicated to small business and connecting them to potential consumer activists seeking places to consciously invest.